re:active magazine

re:active is a nonprofit, design-education program for youths 15-19, located in Portland, OR.

Our mission is to inspire and support young voices by creating connections between young people and design professionals and making cool stuff in the process.

Our first set of classes began in 2004.

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Come see our Extraordinary Ordinary results!

Come see teens let loose on the city -- to document, synthesize and create.

This past week at PSU's Field Work, Portland teens have collaborated with re:active
and PSU artists/designers during the extraordinary/ordinary workshop.

Stop by to support the teens' work and hear about their adventure maps at Field Work this Friday, April 29, at 7 PM.


Extraordinary Ordinary


Field Work
1101 SW Jefferson St.
Portland, OR 97205



Throughout the city of Portland, billboards designed by teenagers will be replacing advertisements
with messages of tolerance. This project is titled “Create! Don’t Hate” and gives students the opportunity
to work with design professionals to create meaningful communication in their neighborhoods.

Our first billboard is up and it's from Kate Bingaman-Burt and 16 year old design student, Patrick Prom!

Kate Bingaman and Patrick Prom

Patrick and Kate billboard


Video from Fox12 News on 10/29/10 with Patrick Prom and Kate Bingaman-Burt interviewed

Billboard story on the news

Please help us pay for the other billboards to go up !


We are excited to present the opening of the Create! Don't Hate billboard design
program at Pushdot Studios

Tolerance Billboard project

The show opens with artists’ reception, March 5, 2010 from 6-9pm.
Show closes March 26, 2010 free admission

Design Ignites Change partnered with re:active to bring together mentors and students from across the Portland area.
Project partners include re:active, AIGA Portland, Caldera Arts, p:ear, and Open Meadow as well as local design groups:
The Laura Cary Design Group, Makelike, Plazm, Pop Art & Obsessive Consumption.


re:Active has recently joined Design Ignites Change to promote our magazine
and mentoring efforts. They are perfectly aligned with our mission and values and
we look forward to seeing what change we can ignite while working with them
in the future.

Design Ignites Change promotes and encourages talented high school
and college students across the country to use design-thinking and innovation
to create messages for, and solutions to, pressing social problems.

This is a link to our project on their site.

Check back for more information!

check out the Swindle magazine article on the program here: zine teens

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We are having the launch of our first Portland edition on Thursday, June 6th
6-8 pm at Wieden + Kennedy for First Thursday
224 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

The magazine is entitled re:define, Fear.
Created by local area youth in collaboration with Caldera Arts

It is available for purchase here:









_______________________________ Past Issues_______________________________

We recently collaborated with 826 Valencia LA to produce the last magazine produced in July, 2008.
You can purchase that issue, "Dead-end Door, re:vealed" right here:



826 LA and re:active

re:active - 826LA

re:active - 826LA

re:active - 826LA

re:active - 826LA



Here is some information on
the 2007 student issue "re:birth"
a collaboration between re: Magazine and the Street Poets.
The poetry and design were taught at La Vida High School - a continuation school
for pregnant teens in South Central Los Angeles.

This is our most intense one yet.



Street Poets and re:active

re:active - re:birth

re:active - re:birth

re:active - re:birth

re:active - re:birth

re:active - re:birth



Here is the 2006 student issue about "cures" - titled Cure(s)
Dan Monick was the guider and decider on this magazine.
We will have them at the launch of the 'zine.
The launch will be at the Echo Park Film Center on June 24th, 2006 @ 6pm.
Please come out and pick up your issue.



re:active magazine - Echo Park Film Center

re:active mag 2

re:active mag 2

re:active - re:birth



take a look at the first student issue about "beliefs" - titled residue (2.5 MB)
this one is sold out!



Here is the first book that was produced for Street Poets, Inc. (previously Dreamyard L.A.) in Los Angeles.
Some of the best people in the world. There are some limited copies available.


Street Poets

Street Poets - re:active

re:active - street poets

re:active - street poets

re:active - street poets


take a look at the prototype issue - re:action

re: Active and re: Magazine's printing of the most recent issue was due to the generous support of
Seepoint Interactive Kiosk Systems, Inc.
Many, many thanks to them.


here are some links to other organizations that we love & support.

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